Couple T-shirts

Couple T-shirts

Couple T-Shirts

Love's my religion but he was my faith

Something so sacred so hard to replace
Fallin' for him was like fallin' from grace
All wrapped in one he was so many sins
Would have done anything everything for him
And if you ask me I would do it again

These are the exact words that suit you and your loved one, not because you guys are in a committed relation, but because you two love each other despite every hardship, every single faults and flaw. In fact, love is not just a word, it’s a feeling that you feel from the depth of your heart for that one person who can break you and make you at the same time. Love does not mean just to pamper our partner but also to support them morally in their every decision and to guide them. It is not a promise of keeping the stars and moon at their feet but a promise to hold on to their hand whenever they are about to fall in their steps.

It’s your loved life and no one should dare say a word against it. As a matter of fact, you both should decide what to do with your life, how to live together and how to face everything. Eternity is just a concept of the paper but that has never stopped you from loving your partner to an infinite extent. It’s true that your love knows no boundaries, no limitations and no criticism.

So, what are you afraid of?

Wear the couple t-shirts and make the other know that she is yours as much as you belong to her. Giving a peck on her forehead or enjoying the chaste kiss on your cheeks from her is too outdated. Your love is new and blooming, so be like the new lovebirds and enjoy your togetherness with these amazing couple t-shirts.

Now, the valentine week is coming or her birthday is next week, what will you give her?

A simple dinner and a movie date? Nope, not happening this year, especially not with you having the best gifts for your girlfriend. Buy any pair of t-shirt that describes your love with a newfound profoundness. Enjoy the Valentine evening with her and show the entire world that she is only yours with this “born to love her” t-shirt and give her the one with “born to love him” quote.

If you are going to propose her for marriage and want to make it a little bit extravagant and extraordinary, hold to her this extra-special couple t-shirt with “So...I’m stealing his name” printed on it. But never forget to wear its complementary pair that says, “I stole her heart”!

Now the most important part of these matching couple tees is that where you will find the exact one?

Gfashion is here with the best solution as the online shopping site has loaded their karts with the couple t-shirts only for the lovebirds who are immensely in love with each other and want to have a public declaration of their feelings and a public claim on each other!


5 outfits you must try for your pre-wedding shoot

The pre-wedding shoot is the famous trend these days and is especially the most memorable moment for the bride and a groom. This shoot would always remind us of the day we got our amazing life partner. So isn't it essential to wear an adorable and stylish outfit for our pre-wedding photoshoot? There is no doubt that the major factor that should be considered while opting for a shoot is what attire and accessories would be the best fit? Be it one outfit, fusion, two outfits, couples tees, ethnic wear, and western mix, there exists a wide variety of option to select from. So if you desire to look amazing and astonish your partner then read out the 5 famous outfits that are most appropriate for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

  1. Midi skirt with top

Fortunately, midi skirts are back in trend, good news for midi lovers isn’t it? A midi skirt with high heels, a cap, and few more essential accessories would surely help you rock your pre-wedding photo shoot. This trendy outfit will look even better if carried along with a leather jacket. On the other hand, a simple yet classy shirt and jeans will be the right fit for a groom.

  1. Evening gown

 If you’re wedding is set in the month of autumn then what is better than opting for a marvelous and long evening gown? A bright-colored evening gown along with a pair of long earrings and a simple pendant would make the bride look like a princess. Your pre-wedding photo shoot would be the best if your man wears a formal full sleeves shirt and pant along with a blazer.


  1. Couple tees

In the recent times, most of the duo prefers carrying the couple tees. This t-shirts can either be plain or can have customized prints such as ‘Mr. and Mrs.’The major benefit of opting for a couple t-shirts is that it can surely define your strong connect and infinite love for your soulmate.

  1. Lehengas and Kurta

If you love the Indian culture and are more interested in wearing some traditional yet amazing outfit then Lehenga should be your priority. If you desire to capture some cheeky and random clicks then a wedding Lehenga would not only help you look fresh and admirable but it would also bring fun in your pre-wedding photoshoot. If the woman is opting for a Lehenga, a groom should go with the formal wedding wear Kurtas to match up with the bride.

  1. Jeans with a casual top

If you feel uncomfortable wearing those heavy and embellished dresses then why not go with jeans and casual tops? Make sure that the focus of a photo shoot on your attire is comparatively lesser than your poses and emotions. The best part of wearing the casual costume is that you can concentrate more on your poses rather than just adjusting your outfit.

So having read this guide, we assume that you might have chosen a right and a tremendous outfit for your pre-wedding photoshoot.